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KnowledgeBank is a management consulting company that provides human capital management, organizational effectiveness and learning solutions. We work with leaders in the government, commercial and nonprofit sectors, transforming the way organizations design, acquire, manage and deliver human capital services. Through an unyielding commitment to quality, service and integrity, we enable our clients to turn key business strategies into operational realities.

Blending the deep talent of our commercial industry experts with seasoned, knowledgeable former public sector government leaders, we have created a uniquely qualified team that brings a balanced, comprehensive perspective to every engagement.

KnowledgeBank delivers on its singular mission: to help organizations become more agile and effective through practical, relevant human capital and organizational leadership.

About Us

Our seasoned team supports clients with innovative techniques and technologies to meet their performance goals.

We are dedicated to helping our clients solve some of the most difficult workforce challenges. Our seasoned team includes former private sector professionals from some of the world’s most respected companies and former federal sector professionals from high profile federal civilian agencies. Blending the deep talent of our commercial industry experts with seasoned, knowledgeable former public sector government leaders, we have created a uniquely qualified team that brings a balanced, comprehensive perspective to every engagement. Wrapped around our team is KnowledgeBank’s corporate culture – one of unyielding commitment to quality, service, and integrity. Our culture sets us apart from our competitors and provides the foundation for every relationship we build.

Founded in 2003, KnowledgeBank’s solution offerings include Human Capital Management Consulting, Human Resources Operations, Organizational Effectiveness and Learning Solutions.

Outstanding Service

Passionate, accountable, agile, and responsive, with a focus on quality and complete customer satisfaction

End-to-end Solutions

Single source for end-to-end human capital, organizational effectiveness, and learning solutions

Best in Class

Perspective across different industry sectors and verticals assures we bring the best thinking from world-class organizations to every client engagement, and create innovative solutions to people-driven challenges



President and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Antler, Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of KnowledgeBank, Inc., has 25 years of entrepreneurial human capital management and business experience, and proven leadership in numerous human resources services roles … read more

Vice President, Federal Consulting

Michele Borg, Vice President of KnowledgeBank’s Federal Consulting Practice has over 18 years of successfully working with senior and executive client management and project teams to deliver exceptional service and support … read more

Chief Financial Officer

Julia Whitcup, Chief Financial Officer of KnowledgeBank, Inc., has more than twenty years of financial management experience. Julia has proven financial and executive leadership for organizations in the consulting and financial … read more


Complex workforce challenges require new thinking, innovative approaches and passionate and committed leadership.

KnowledgeBank delivers this leadership and expertise to each contract and project. For 15 years, we’ve continually improved and refined our capabilities – we share best practices, develop proven solutions, and keep our staff at the top of their game. We are committed to helping our clients do more with less. Along the way, we strive to add value and deliver the passion and enthusiasm to get the job done.

Our work is focused on the needs of our federal and commercial clients. We continually build our expertise and talent base in competencies that help our clients accomplish their mission. We leverage methodologies, processes, knowledge, and technology to deliver the best possible solutions. To manage our engagements, we deploy an integrated team of seasoned business professionals and former government executives complemented by trusted advisors. Our relationships with executives across various business sectors (federal, commercial, nonprofit) provide our clients with access to successful factors, best practices and lessons learned.

Human Capital

KnowledgeBank specializes in the entire spectrum of human capital management services, leveraging the combined knowledge…

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizations have the difficult task of managing a complex and increasing workload in an era…

Learning Solutions

Organizations need a high-performing workforce to succeed. Yet the skills and knowledge they need to…


We serve clients across a wide range of industries and sectors that include federal, state and local government, professional services, technology, government contracting, software, healthcare, law, life sciences, among others. Our clients range from small, emerging growth technology companies to large federal agencies with thousands of employees. While the size and scope of our clients ranges dramatically, one thing remains constant: the desire to build enterprises that leverage the full value of their human capital. KnowledgeBank can help you confidently achieve these results. Just ask our clients, who consistently rate our work as “Excellent.”

Contract Vehicles

For 15 years, KnowledgeBank has been recognized for providing exceptional contract management execution and customer service regarding the management, oversight, and execution of human capital contracts involving a wide variety of strategic and operational task assignments and labor categories.


KnowledgeBank offers exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contributions in an atmosphere that encourages both personal and professional growth for all.

Additionally, KnowledgeBank offers competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and a positive work environment designed around the philosophy of mutual respect and the challenge of contributing to the continued success of our organization.

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KnowledgeBank partners with companies of all sizes and various industries. We value our strategic partners and strive to create strong and lasting relationships that help deliver the best results for our clients. For more information or to discuss specific contracting opportunities, contact us at info@knowledgebank.us.com